I restore GUT HEALTH and HORMONAL PROBLEMS by HOLISTICALLY HEALING the root cause of all health issues.

I had 20 years diving deep into disrupting physical and wellness cultures by emphasizing the integration of all energy bodies – physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual – into the design and implementation of every treatment plan and program recognizing that every person has their own unique blueprint waiting to be authentically expressed.

Leaving no stone unturned, moving out of pain and into wellness, continuously learning other ways to expand and heal myself so I could do the same for others; this radical and colorful transformation throughout my own life contributed greatly as a visionary leader in holistic wellness. I boldly inspire positive change that leads to ultimate wellbeing.

My career had lead me to all areas of the globe working with an array of clients including celebrities, Mariah Carey, CEOs, and elite athletes also owning gymnasiums, juice companies and day spas internationally.

Holistic Gut Health Expert,
Author and Integrative CHEK Wellness Practitioner

30-Day Weight Loss and Lifestyle Challenge

Finally, a holistic system that tackles weight loss not with fad diets and quick fixes but with a complete mind, body, and spirit approach.

Once you understand the education and mindset side of weight loss and you tackle it in the CORRECT way, then you can finally overcome the weight and self-confidence issues for life.

It Starts in the Gut

An easily digestible (sorry) no BS guide to what’s going on in your gut, from the effect of antibiotics and alcohol on your microbiome (the mix of bacteria in your gut). An awesome 32 page introduction, more a manual on modern digestive health with recipes sandwiched into than a 4 day cleanse.

Brain and Gut Connection


This unique 21-day gut and mind rebuilding program uses a state of the art holistic approach and maximizes the gut-brain connection. It combines healing foods, movements, and meditation. These combined methodologies enhance gut health, boost our mind, alleviate anxiety and strengthen our immune systems.

From Deconstruction to Reconstruction

This 3-month advanced program is custom-designed diving deep into healing the root cause of chronic health conditions, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, stress and managing and healing our complex health systems.

Together, we’ll develop a roadmap to get you to a new level of health & vitality. We’ll leverage food, physiology, lifestyle and movement to return you to a state of balance and joy. Each individual deserves a unique approach, one that supports their values, beliefs, lifestyle, and health status.

Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse


“How do you describe someone that has completely turned your life around? Lian will help you find yourself again and will guide you on a transformational path to renewal and vitality. I was experiencing life altering hormone issues relating to going through menopause and through Lian’s protocol of gut health, healthy diet coaching and exercise, I now feel balanced and able to cope with the stresses it puts your body through. She understands what women need and how to get them to their goals through education and coaching. Lian will help you find yourself again and will guide you on a transformational path to renewal and vitality, I cant recommend her services highly enough.”

Marie M Hewson

“I was blown out the water about her knowledge and her depth of compassion and care. I can’t really express how great the coaching with Lian has been. My relationship to food is changing and with Lian supporting me I am amazed at how easily I’m changing. I don’t feel clogged and heavy. My gut doesn’t drag me down anymore and I’m starting to understand how different foods affect me. I just wanted to share this in case it helps anyone else who like me has been thinking about it. It does start in the gut but now I truly believe that if you take care of your gut then a lot of bad stops and a lot of good starts too.“

Lori Catz

“I met Lian back in 2005 and she helped me get over a series of long term sports injuries through movement and an holistic approach to lifestyle, sleep, diet, hydration etc.
I have been a professional multisport coach since 2009, looking after runners, cyclists, triathletes and Ultra runners and Lian has helped me so much. Helping both myself and a number of my athletes deal with a number of health issues holding them back and to help them overcome these issues to achieve some truly amazing goals. If you are serious about your health, you need to contact Lian today!”

Danny Moore

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