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Holistic Gut Health Expert, Author and Integrative CHEK Wellness Practitioner

My comprehensive approach to wellness as a corrective exercise coach, nutritionist and holistic CHEK Practitioner emerged from twenty years of research in the health, healing, wellness, and fitness industry. My powerful teaching techniques derived from an abundant array of methodologies challenges you to discover your deepest truth, ignite healing, and live your life with passion and purpose.

Together, we’ll develop a roadmap to get you to a new level of health & vitality. We’ll leverage food, physiology, lifestyle and movement to return you to a state of balance and joy. Each individual deserves a unique approach, one that supports their values, beliefs, lifestyle, and health status.

Online Appointments

1 Hour Coaching Session

Dive deep to into disrupting physical and wellness cultures by emphasizing the integration of energy bodies – physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual – into the design and implementation of your treatment plan and program to discover and cure the root cause of all health issues.

We will address anti-inflammatory clean eating, inflammation, circadian rhythms, hormones, creation, and manifestation using the subconscious mind. Start living a fully embodied life in a state of flow and synchronicity, heal your mind and body from past ailments to manifest the life you deserve as we come into alignment with who you truly are.

Taking Back Your Power

This program, usually start at 1 month to 3 months, encompasses three powerful levels, was created to heal the body from the inside out addressing all areas of health to put the body back together again. Functional healing is about “backing things up”, looking upstream to determine the root cause of symptoms and resulting imbalances. Your life story is an integral part of the “discovery phase” of this innovative approach. We take this information and look at you as a whole system, an ecosystem, not independent parts.

The end result of this method is embodying a deep sense of who you truly are, trusting yourself, experiencing expanded self-worth and the ability to realize how powerful you are when your body are fully working together harmoniously.

How my approach differs from the conventional?
Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

It’s Functional
We address the root cause of your symptoms.

Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

Food as Medicine
Discover how foods work with your unique physiology.

Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

Family of Origin & Epigenetics
Consider your heritage and take appropriate lifestyle actions given genetic and cultural traits.

Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

Empathy + Commitment
I’ve been there, I can relate to the pain + loss, frustration and expense you’ve incurred; you have my personal commitment to your healthy success.

Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

Personalized Nutrition
One size does not fit all; I work entirely with your personal blueprint.

Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

Leverage the bright side of bacteria that comprises 90% of your cells and is pivotal to vitality.

Lian Monley Health - Gut Renewal

Giving you the tools + strategies to make choices in relations to your signs, symptoms + health care.

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