From nutrition, stress management and coping mechanisms, based on your personal circumstances and health needs, let’s aim for a long-lasting lifestyle reset.

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It Starts in the Gut

An easily digestible (sorry) no BS guide to what’s going on in your gut, including the effect of antibiotics and alcohol on your microbiome (the mix of bacteria in your gut).

It’s a manual on modern digestive health with recipes sandwiched into than a 4-day cleanse. It all starts in the gut and manages that elusive fear of being intellectual while remaining decidedly non preachy and easy to follow.

Dip in and dip out, all the while appreciating that your gut has as many neurons as you’ll find in the brain of a cat. You’ll never forget that fact!

Mind Your Gut

Brain and Gut Connection

This unique 21-day gut and mind rebuilding program uses a state of the art holistic approach and maximizes the gut-brain connection. It combines healing foods, movements, and meditation. These combined methodologies enhance gut health, boost our mind, alleviate anxiety and strengthen our immune systems.

This program will help you:

  • Lower stress without mind-altering medication
  • Improve digestion – So we feel less bloated and enjoy more regularity
  • Reduce embarrassing bloating and gassiness
  • Lower estrogen and cortisol to healthy levels so we can safely release fat
  • Protect and detox our gut by flushing out toxins and excess hormones faster
  • Diversify gut bacteria so we can fight off bad bacteria
  • Boost our metabolism and enjoy more wiggle room in our diet
  • Strengthen our immune system so we’re better prepared to fight off germs, bugs, and bacterial infections
  • And much more…

Healing the gut is not a quick fix. This program is a long-term solution which allows you to go at your own pace and get sustainable results, whether your symptoms are mild or severe.

From Deconstruction to Reconstruction

The 3-month program encompasses three powerful levels was created to heal the body from the inside out addressing all areas of health to put the body back together again. Functional healing is about “backing things up”, looking upstream to determine the root cause of symptoms and resulting imbalances. Your life story is an integral part of the “discovery phase” of this innovative approach. We take this information and look at you as a whole system, an ecosystem, not independent parts.

The program addresses anti-inflammatory clean eating, inflammation, circadian rhythms, hormones, creation and manifestation using the subconscious mind as well as rewiring the nervous system from trauma, embracing self-directed healing through alternative medicine and energy medicine, and much more.

The end result of this method is embodying a deep sense of who you are (your true identity), trusting yourself, experiencing expanded self-worth and the ability to realize how powerful you are when all three of these layers of your body are working together harmoniously. This allows us to start living a fully embodied life of self-expression in a state of flow and synchronicity, healing our mind and body from past ailments and tapping into our own creative energy to manifest the life we deserve as we come into alignment with who we truly are.

Topics we will cover:

  • How to better understand and tune in to your body
  • New attitude and approach on eating healthy
  • Discover types of foods that don truly sustain nutritional needs
  • Why you crave specific kinds of foods
  • How to lessen or remove gut symptoms like abdominal discomfort, pain and gas
  • What and how to eat to eliminate bloating and constipation
  • How to have positive body image
  • How to have a fresh sense of invigoration
  • Detoxing not just your body, but also your mind
  • Mind-body connection – the food we eat and spirituality
  • Stop undermining yourself, change your opinion about health

Here is what the mentoring will include:

  • 1-hour gut evaluation and strategy session – know and discover your current gut health condition to better understand your difficulties and lifestyle
  • 12 weekly mentoring sessions – we’ll celebrate what’s working and tweak what isn’t. I’ll be with you throughout your entire journey via skype or phone.
  • Complete Health Evaluation – know your body’s irregularities
  • Lifestyle Evaluation – know external stressors and how it is affecting you
  • Journal – keep a record of your established eating habits, food allergies and intolerances and your body’s rhythm
  • Recipes, meal plans and shopping lists curated to you and your specific health goals
  • Email and text support – I’m always here whenever you have questions and need support
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