Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q. What does a Medical Intuitive do?

A. I am a healing medium that provides mitigation to people by diving deep into disrupting physical and wellness cultures by emphasizing the integration of energy bodies into the design and implementation of your treatment plan to discover and cure the root cause of all your health issues to aid you in achieving your potential.

Q. What credentials could you offer as a medical intuitive?

A. I have twenty years of research in the health, healing, wellness, and fitness industry that allowed me to be the effective medical intuitive that I am now. You can read further about my training and background on this website and on my different social media platforms.

Clients come to me with health issues that other professionals cannot heal and diagnose but with the use of a combination of spirituality and science, my job as a medical intuitive is to perceive the root cause of imbalances in the body.

After determining the epicenter of your health issues, we will then progress to consolidating a plan of action to kickstart the healing process for all aspects of your wellbeing. My comprehensive approach to wellness as a medical intuitive, corrective functional coach, nutritionist, and holistic CHEK Practitioner, has emerged from 25 years of research in the health, healing, wellness, and fitness industry. My powerful teaching techniques derived from an abundant array of methodologies challenges you to discover your deepest truth, ignite healing, and live your life with passion and purpose.

Q. Where are you practicing as a medical intuitive?

A. I am a medical intuitive practitioner based in New South Wales, Australia.

Q. How could I book a session with you?

You could work with me through a concise 1-hr Coaching Session that will kick start your wellness journey to aligning your physical and spiritual energies. You could also sign up for a 1-month or 3-month mentoring program: From Deconstruction to Reconstruction that will avail you of 1-hour gut evaluation, weekly mentoring sessions, a complete health andlifestyle evaluation, and many more activities that will allow you to heal and embody a deep sense of who you truly are.

Q. How much does a medical intuition session with you cost?

A. An average session with me costs around $180 per hour. Each person has different necessities in their healing journey. I also offer 1-3 months comprehensive programs that will probe not only your physical body but also your socio-cultural beliefs in health and wellness by emphasizing the merging of all energies into a holistic and encompassing treatment plan and program that will aid us to discover the real root cause of your health and wellness issues. Your journey will depend upon your needs in the path to reaching your full potential.

Q. Will I be required to purchase expensive products or sign up to expensive additional programs and training modules during our Medical Intuitive Coaching Sessions?

No. However I will be recommending personalized supplement protocols depending on the needs of individuals that are suffering with specific symptoms and illnesses. You need to keep in mind that there exists a foundational set of supplements that are beneficial to your health depending on your need but you need to remember that not all supplements will be instrumental to your healing and some may even have adverse side effects.

Q. What platforms do you use to conduct sessions?

For short sessions, you may connect with me through Messenger but longer sessions will need the use of the ZOOM application. In an event that you have difficulties with using the Zoom App, don’t hesitate to visit their Zoom support page.

Q. What do I accomplish by going through a training program with you? What will change?

As a medical intuitive I will be able to help you heal and transform not just your body but also your mind and spirit through different techniques allowing you to achieve synchronicity in all aspects of yourself. I will be able to help you develop a roadmap to a level of health and wellness that was previously beyond your reach while maintaining the values that you hold most dear in discovering your uncharted depths and spark healing from within to a life harmonically living with the universe.The main goal for my programs is to help you identify the root cause of your health issue and to work our way from there. The seed of your health may be rooted to a genetic imprint originating from your ancestors that will involve evolution of deep rooted emotions and beliefs. We will then progress to an assessment of your nutritional status that delves into your deficiencies and toxicities that probably resulted in some physical manifestations unbeknownst to you. And finally, we will look into your spiritual wellbeing to arrive at an across-the-board treatment plan that will bring about a dimensional change, not only in your physical body but also in your mental and spiritual welfare.