Corporate Wellness

Holistic Wellness Programs Recognise the Diverse Needs of Your Employees

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

The concept of holistic – or sometimes ‘holistic – wellness believes that the best way to support someone is to support all of their needs, rather than targeting one or two specific areas. Holistic wellness addresses the pillars of your health/wellness.

Wellness is more than physical health alone. It’s an integration of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It’s a complex interaction that leads to a quality life.

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Financial Health

Relationship Health

Spiritual Health

Intellectual Health

Environmental Health

Employees have UNIQUE needs that require UNIQUE support.

If you have 20 employees in your company, ask each of them how you can support their lives. You’ll get 20 different answers. Everyone comes from a unique background, with different struggles and needs. We are all different; this makes us stronger together.

Holistic Employee Wellness is just good business sense

If you have a machine with malfunctioning parts, it won’t run efficiently. It’d break down easily and require costly repairs with replacement parts.
This concept applies to your business too. If your employees can’t function at their best, they won’t produce results. Their immune system would be compromised by stress. They’d need more sick leaves. Tired employees are less productive and innovative. They’d quit the job.

The transition to wellness programs that employers need to compete in today’s market, requires a long-term strategy. Cultural changes take time. Organizations must evaluate the needs of their workforce, and design comprehensive programs to set their workers on the right growth path.

By partnering with us, together, we’ll establish the needs of your business and your people (workers).

Free e-Book with all Programs

“It starts in the Gut ” is an easily digestible holistic wellness ebook. It dives into the understanding of your body’s ecosystem – your gut especially. It offers great insights to anyone grappling with chronic pain, fatigue, gas, bloating, and other common gut disorders. It introduces a new paradigm on how to heal the gut completely.

The key is not just managing the symptoms, but treating the root cause (the gut). Restoring this crucial part of your health improves the performance of your whole body.

What People Are Saying


Lian Monley is truly dedicated to sharing her incredible knowledge, her passion, dedication and desire is truly inspiring and empowering. Her abilities in the health realm are nothing short of profound and life changing rehabilitating the body from the inside out.

Lian skills far exceeded our expectations. Lian was exceptional and a pleasure to work with. She is a global citizen and automatically knows how to deal with UHNWI clients, with confidence & grace.

Mariah Carey Manager

Nattalia Sinclaire

On my search to find a professional holistic wellness in Bali some eight years ago, I was extremely blessed when I met Lian, immediately Lian’s kind, sensitive, caring, attentive and committed approach brought me onto a progressive healing journey..

Lian’s care and attention to detail takes your whole wellbeing into consideration, she understands extremely well the importance of balance guiding you through all facets of the holistic pillars.

I can truly say Lian’s work is very fruitful and I am very grateful for all Lian’s precious guidance.

Nattalia Sinclaire

Dr Liz Terziovki

I have suffered from gut issues for more than 20 years and have seen countless medical doctors, integrative medicine doctors and naturopaths just to be told I was a “special case”. I tried what seemed to be every product on the market and spent so much time and money looking for a resolution or at the very least a decrease in discomfort and pain. Finally, I came across Lian Monley who finally understood not only my symptoms but how every part of my life could interact with those symptoms. Her holistic approach and knowledge of the gut allowed me to understand the harm my body had suffered and how to heal again. Her weekly consultations were informative and therapeutic. She was able to adapt the protocol to address any changes in symptoms along the way. She truly helped me to understand and restore what was an overly inflamed gut to a healthy gut. I have never experienced such relief to my gut issues in over 20 years. I can’t thank you enough Lian for improving my quality of life.

Dr Liz Terziovski

Insight Clinical & Forensic | Psychological Services
Lorie Catz

Working with Lian was more than healing my gut! This is healing my whole life! I changed in so many good ways. My relationship to food has changed and with incredible ongoing support  I’m constantly making good food choices and feeling so much better for it. The old Lorie is gone and the new Lorie is losing weight but the thing is – I feel lighter on the inside.

Lorie Catz

Lian Monley is truly dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience to spread the word of healing to all. Her compassion and desire to reach as many people as she can to help them heal themselves is inspiring and empowering. Today, in a world of obsession with prescription medication, it is so refreshing to know that there are alternative options that truly work and can open a new door to health.

Kate V

Pilates Expert

Lian is so talented at what she does. I have had several problems over the years with eczema and Lian has worked with me to help me understand where the problem is coming from which is important and helped me work out the correct protocol. Her ability to get to the root cause of my health issues was outstanding

Thank you for encouraging me to make a much need change in my life.

Nadine Kara

I completed Lian’s three-month program and I believe the best way to describe it is truly life-changing. I have had gut issues since I was 17 years old, have been to several doctors, specialists, and even had many gastroscopies done trying to find the cause and solution to my problems. I have tried so many medications and no matter what my issues would cycle back. I had acne, consistent painful bloating, indigestion, uncontrollable cravings, and acid reflux. All these symptoms started to impact my weight, mood and heightened my anxiety. Lian’s program is truly unique, it is very clear that she designs each program for every client differently. Her methods of connecting the mind, body, and spirit have helped me find the root cause of my issues and eliminated them completely. I got so much more from this program than I expected, I feel like a completely different person. It was the best investment I have ever made for my health.

Kayla Von Rueti

When you think you’re eating healthy only to find out you are not is truly an eye opener.  I demand a lot from myself unfortunately my food/fuel was not keeping up. Honestly food was the start. Lian’s holistic approach to health encompassing (mind, body, soul) all starting with self is second to known. Lian knows stuff, near impossible to explain, incredible to experience.

Michael Attard

Lian has completely changed my life & I cannot thank her enough.

I completed Lian’s 3 month Deconstruction to Reconstruction program, never being so clear minded, cleansed throughout my body and connected to my body.

Throughout my treatments the work that Lian has done with me is far better than any doctor, prescribed medication or psychologist has done for me ever. She really is an angel & I cannot recommend her enough.

Belinda Keller

Brilliant wisdom, knowledge and assistance with all things health. Well worth the money for the changes to my health. Seeing Lian is a no brainer

Greg Riley

Lian doesn’t offer gimmicks or fads to find ultimate health. Her recommended holistic healing transformations are simple and THEY WORK! If you’re done living with pain, fatigue, brain fog, intestinal disorders, and a myriad of other nasty ailments, Lian is your go too.

Treva B

Lian is truly dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience to spread the word of healing to all. Her compassion and desire to reach as many people as she can to help them heal themselves is inspiring and empowering.

Bernadette Marquez

“Nothing short of life changing”

When I came across Lian I was broken. She took a sympathetic and easy approach to my situation whilst teaching me how to implement new foods and daily activities in order to fix my Gut health issues. She introduced me to meditation, sleep activities, journaling, routine and really listened to what my body and soul was asking for.  The transformation has been amazing. I am now motivated and have an energy that I always hoped to tap into. She also tapped into me spiritually and motivated me to set goals and approach life one step at a time. Lian has motivated me to want to help others, she has brought me to tears with her positivity and above all I feel her efforts go far beyond any expectation. I would recommend Lian to anyone and everyone. Thanks is not enough. Just amazing..

Anthony Morabito

I loved working with Lian on my health journey. Lian is very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, and a great listener. She helped me set food & self care goals, and provided strategies for meeting goals in my everyday life. I have a lot more energy, wake up feeling refreshed and much clearer. I continue to implement what I have learnt, changed my eating habits and feel so much better for it. Thank you, Lian, you are amazing!

Georgia Urrutia

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! She is absolutely amazing at what she does & is well worth the money! Lian’s passion for helping you heal really shines! I love that there are alternatives to just taking a pill to feel better. With this there are no gimmicks, Lian offers real, practical & actionable advice that  REALLY WORKS! If you are reading to take control of your life & start feeling better, Lian is your girl!

Zach Vollmers

I have multiple issues like diabetes, Vasculitis, sleep apnea. In just a few weeks Lian has improved my issues dramatically as well as gradual weight loss and increase in energy. Lian is very knowledgeable, patient and so eager to help people.

Highly recommended, she will dig deep for solutions as opposed to a quick fix.

Patch Meister

Lian knowledge and skill set of health and wellness adds great value to human values in the people’s life. Nowadays when we are surrounded by pharma companies, Lian’s expertise is really supportive and useful for people like us to understand the  importance of nature and earth resources. Happy to recommend fantastic Lian. Thank you kindly.!!

Mahesh Joshi

I highly recommend Lian Monley as a CHEK health practitioner to anyone looking to heal their GIT system issues or other neurological, inflammatory, mental or physiological health concerns. Lian will create a customized health care plan and training strategy that will take you on a journey of health ‘discovery’ where you not only become healthier, but also more educated about the food choices that heal, not harm. The thing here is there is always more room for growth in our knowledge of the life giving food that we consume. I will continue to apply what I have learnt from Lian for many years to come. Much gratitude and love.

Peter Lewis

Amazing experience. Lian has offered me such great advice along with being able to support me with her great intuition. I have recommended Lian to friends of mine who she has been able to help tremendously.

Lili Wiranatha

Today, in a world of obsession with prescription medication, it is so refreshing to      know that there are alternative options that truly work and can open a new door to health. Lian is an incredibly gifted practitioner.

Daisy Belle Orines

The transformation I have seen in my daughter over the past 3 months is phenomenal to say the least, she has lost her weight, learnt about how to properly balance her meals and portions, her improved fitness and most of all her positivity is entrancing. She is beyond happy and empowered with the tools she has learned through Lian’s guidance. My daughter is shining in her own light, not hiding behind anyone else’s light anymore and I just want to shout out to the world how amazing Lian is to have come into our lives and been able to work with the whole family dynamic.

Marie Hewson