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Holistic Wellness Programs Recognise the Diverse Needs of Your Employees

The concept of holistic, or sometimes “wholistic,” wellness. Holistic wellness believes that the best way to support someone is to support all of their needs, rather than targeting one or two specific areas. Holistic wellness aims to address pillers of a person’s wellness, Wellness, is much more than physical health. Wellness is a full integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is a complex interaction that leads to quality of life.

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Financial Health

Relationship Health

Spiritual Health

Intellectual Health

Environmental Health

Employees Have Unique Needs That Require Unique Supports

If your company has 20 employees and you asked each of them how to best support them, you’d likely get 20 different answers. Everyone comes from unique backgrounds and, as a result, has different struggles and needs. We’re all different, and that’s what makes us stronger as a group.

Holistic Employee Wellness Is Just Good Business Sense

If you have a machine full of malfunctioning parts, it’s simply not going to run efficiently. It’ll break down more often and require costly repairs and replacement parts. The concept is similar in a business context. If your employees can’t function at their best, they won’t be able to produce as much or as quickly. Their immune system will be compromised by stress, so they’ll need more sick days. Tired employees are less creative and less likely to innovate. And, as we said earlier, they’re more likely to quit.

The transformation to the type of holistic wellbeing program employers need to compete in today’s job market requires a long-term strategy. Cultural change takes time, and organizations must evaluate the needs of their workforce and design comprehensive programs to meet the workforce where it is now and where it’s going.

By partnering with us, together we will establish the needs of your business and your people.


I highly recommend Lian Monley as a CHEK health practitioner to anyone looking to heal their GIT system issues or other neurological, inflammatory, mental or physiological health concerns.

Peter Lewis

I have multiple issues like diabetes, Vasculitis, sleep apnea. In just a few weeks Lian has improved my issues dramatically as well as gradual weight loss and increase in energy. Lian is very knowledgeable, and dedicates herself with great pride in her work

Patch Meister

Throughout my treatments the work that Lian has done with me is far better than any doctor, prescribed medication or phycologist has done for me ever. She really is an angel & I cannot recommended her enough.

Belinda Keller

Lian offers real, practical & actionable advice that REALLY WORKS! If you are reading to take control of your life & start feeling better, Lian is your girl!

Zach Vollemers

Lian is so talented at what she does. I have had several problems over the years with eczema and Lian has worked with me to help me understand where the problem is coming from which is important and helped me work out the correct protocol.

Nadine Kara

I have a lot more energy, wake up feeling refreshed and much clearer. I continue to implement what I have learnt, changed my eating habits and feel so much better for it. Thank you Lian, you are amazing!

Georgina Urrutia

Lian’s holistic approach to health encompassing (mind, body, soul) all starting with self is second to known. Lian knows stuff, near impossible to explain, incredible to experience.

Michael Attard

Brilliant wisdom, knowledge and assistance with all things health. Well worth the money for the changes to my health. Seeing Lian is a no brainer.

Greg Riley
5 Dimensions

Lian’s passion, dedication, and desire is truly inspiring and empowering. Her abilities in the health realm are nothing short of profound and life changing rehabilitating the body from the inside out.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Her passion, dedication, and desire is truly inspiring and empowering. Her abilities in the health realm are nothing short of profound and life changing rehabilitating the body from the inside out.

Lian would have no hesitation to go beyond and above to do what was required to fit into a very tight and hectic schedule to fill the principal role on the wellness team for Mariah. I have had many people take on the challenging roll over the years and I can say without reservation, Lian was exceptional in this position and a pleasure to work with.

Todd Millar
Mariah's Manager
Lorie Catz

3 weeks ago I started one-on-one coaching with Lian to heal my gut. This is more than healing my gut! This is healing my whole life! I am changing in so many good ways. My relationship to food is changing and with Lian supporting me I am amazed at how easily I’m changing. I’m constantly making good food choices and feeling so much better for it. The old Lorie is gone and the new Lorie is losing weight but the thing is – I feel lighter on the inside.

Today I told Lian that she must be magic because her support and coaching has enabled me to put things into action. After every coaching session with Lian I feel pumped and ready to take on the world.

Lorie Catz
Anthony Morabito

I was going through some pretty deep stuff emotionally and my diet wasn’t at all making things any better, this resulted in a constant war with my stomach and my mind. I wasn’t sleeping well and my body was lethargic , I just felt worn.

After a 5-minute chat, I knew Lian was my answer. She spent real time with me. It’s only been a few months and the transformation has been amazing. My stomach is performing, I’m motivated and have an energy that I always hoped to tap into. She also tapped into me spiritually and motivated me to set goals and approach life one step at a time. Most importantly my health and mind are somewhat restored and better than ever. Thanks is not enough.

Anthony Morabito